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;; ## job-conf.clj
;; This is example job-conf.clj file, meant to provide default
;;settings to all queries executed inside this project. To get
;;started, create a file called "job-conf.clj" inside the "resources"
;;directory at your project's root. (this is called "resources" by
;;default, though you can customize this in project.clj with the
;;following k-v pair:
;; :resources-path "confdir"
;; job-conf.clj must end with a job-conf map. Feel free to define
;; functions, import namespaces and evaluate code above the final
;; return form.
;; Here's an import of Hadoop's java serialization interface:
(import 'org.apache.hadoop.io.serializer.JavaSerialization)
;; And here's Backtype's Thrift serialization. Get this by including
;; [backtype/cascading-thrift "0.1.0"]
;; As a dependency.
(import 'backtype.hadoop.ThriftSerialization)
;; Now, the job-conf map:
{"io.serializations" JavaSerialization}
;; To provide multiple arguments, skip the usual comma separation and
;; wrap multiple arguments in a vector:
;; {"io.serializations" [ThriftSerialization JavaSerialization]}
;; The above examples use class symbols directly. You can also use
;; string versions of the full qualified class names.
{"io.serializations" ["backtype.hadoop.ThriftSerialization"
;; That's it! The above map will get returned, as it's the last form
;; in the file.