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TwitterDroid is a clone of Twitterific designed for Android.

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TwitterDroid is a clone of Twitterific designed for the Android mobile platform.

Software Requirements

TwitterDroid has been compiled and tested with,

Eclipse IDE 3.4 Android SDK release 1.0 Android Development Tools (ADT) 0.8.0

Follow the URL for complete installation instructions,

Twitter OAuth Credentials

You'll need to register an application with Twitter at in order obtain a consumer key and a consumer secret. Make sure to select 'Browser' for your application type (use any callback URL; we will be supplying our own). Paste the credentials into


Copyright Frederic Brunel TwitterDroid logo by Florent Pitoun Port to SDK 1.0 by Joe Bowbeer

JTwitt library by Luksz Grzegorz Maciak Base64 encoder from the Bouncy Castle library

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