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A micro api client for writing scripts against the Facebook Graph API.
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fbconsole is a small facebook api client for use in python scripts.

You can install fbconsole using pip:

pip install fbconsole

Quick Start Guide


For many api calls, you will need to authenticate your script with Facebook. fbconsole makes this easy by providing an authenticate function. If your script needs extended permissions, for example to post a status update, you can specify which extended permissions to request with the AUTH_SCOPE setting. For example:

import fbconsole

fbconsole.AUTH_SCOPE = ['publish_stream', 'publish_checkins']

You can find a list of permissions in Facebook's api documentation here.

During the authentication process, a browser window will be opened where you can enter in your facebook login credentials. After logging in, you can close the browser window. Your script will continue executing in the background.

Graph API Basics

You can make HTTP POST requests using the post function. Here is how you would update your status:

status ='/me/feed', {'message':'Hello from my awesome script'})

You can make HTTP GET requests using the get function. Here is how you would fetch likes on a status update:

likes = fbconsole.get('/'+status['id']+'/likes')

You can make HTTP DELETE requests using the delete function. Here is how you would delete a status message:


To upload a photo, you can profile a file-like object as a post parameter:'/me/photos', {'source':open('my-photo.jpg')})

Finally, you can also make FQL queries using the fql function. For example:

friends = fbconsole.fql("SELECT name FROM user WHERE uid IN "
                        "(SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me())")
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