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Welcome to the Custom Open Dynamic DNS, an integrated solution for DNS management.

The coddns system is a HTML-PHP-DB console working through scripts with Bind9 to provide a dynamic DNS resolution over the hosts registered through the console.

It has two work modes:

  • WAN Mode:

This is the default work mode, coddns will act as resolver for every host registered. In the moment you provide a tag and an IP, the system will resolve any query made over that tag into the IP you set. If the IP is dynamic, and you have installed the coddns client into your PC, raspberry Pi or server, coddns will update the record to ever match the tag with the correct IP.

  • LAN Mode:

In the version 1.0 of coddns there's the posibility of install the system as DNS master of your LAN. You and your colleagues will be able to manage the DNS server without enter any line in the shell. Enjoy the Linux capabilities without need to know how it works!


The version 1.0 of coddns supports:

  • PostgreSQL > 9.x.
  • LAN and WAN modes
  • Dynamic resolution over clients
  • DNS record types: A

Version 2.0 of coddns gives new horizons:

  • Supported PostgreSQL > 9.x
  • Supported MySQL
  • LAN and WAN modes
  • Cluster mode
  • Dynamic resolution over coddns clients
  • DNS record types: A, NS, MX, CNAME
  • ACL control
  • Group management
  • Configure Bind entirely through coddns with the new configuration manager
  • Explore your network, visual adition of hosts
  • Basic audit of your network

The current released version is 1.0.

The current develop version is 2.0.


You can find the documentation inside of the coddns_doc folder.

Thank you,

Fco de Borja Sánchez