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HIVE Creator

Make Money Creating Accounts

Visit website:

What is HIVE Creator? It's an open source app that allows anyone to host account creation service (like

How does it work?

Anyone can set up the web app, users can send HIVE/HBD to owner's account and they will get account creation codes/tokens (sent back in encrypted memo). Users can than use this codes to create new accounts.

If users don't use memo account_creation, payment will not be detected. If amount is less than price or currency is not correct (eg. HIVE instead of HBD), transfer will be refunded. You can always see current price per account at API.


  • Account creation
  • Claiming accounts (optional)
  • Receiving payments & handling all account creation codes (optional)
  • Memo decryption
  • Private API for creating accounts (optional)
  • Blacklist (optional)

API allows big stakeholders with thousands of claimed pending accounts to work with dApps and other platforms that may need to create accounts for new users. You can run this service without frontend and only allows other apps/users (that have your authorization) to send POST requests to your API and your account will create new account for them. Owner can remove authorization at any time.

If you need only API, use by @christianfuerst (@roomservice), light weight "API only" solution for providing an API for HIVE account creation.

For-profit system is not required, you can disable payments and create/distribute codes manually.

Because some HIVE frontends don't support memo decryption, you can use tool on the website to decrypt memo (Keychain & private memo key supported) and get your account creation tokens!

You can also use tool on the site to buy account creation tokens (HiveSigner & Keychain supported)!

All transfers are divided by price and than rounded down. If you send 10.3 HIVE and price is 0.500 HIVE, you will get 20 codes and remaining will be refunded.


Public API with details about service is available at /api (GET request).

To create account using private API, add new authorization token to apitokens table in database, and make POST request to /api/createAccount with header authority: yourapitoken and body:

    "name": "test-account",
    "publicKeys": {
        "owner": "STM8DX2RogwicpP6vssSE6zRjzbfKg1w51DkWu8R8KnnaLgjPUEpz",
        "active": "STM6UfZz3KfFAy1L5ozioR4Fbvut1b4TYqbNRkn6VemLr4jSXnV3D",
        "posting": "STM6sJNfb68XMYohUzTZ4npJi9ydpGbKfFQvY4UpeLCS3eUvnmby8",
        "memo": "STM5CUadUcebqf6jS6nNSWbrX8EJfYQ1CYb9S9ucqkntYZmPYJtGB"


You can now use @themarkymark's blacklist and block all blacklisted users (over 70,000 blacklisted users at the time of writing). If user is on any blacklist, all funds will be refunded.

There is also option to whitelist users, so even if they are blacklisted, they will still be able to buy new accounts.

How to set up the app

  • NodeJS & NPM

  • MySQL database

  • My app is using 15 mb RAM, if you have 256 mb VPS (get one at for $0.99/month) you can run this app with no problems.

(Detailed instructions:

Service was tested on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. This instructions are for Ubuntu 16.04.

1 - Clone Github repository:

git clone

cd creator

npm install

2 - Create MySQL database:

mysql -p

create database creator;

use creator;

create table tokens(id TEXT, status INTEGER);

id is used to store account creation token, status is NULL before token is used and 1 after it is used.

If you want to enable API, create two more tables:

create table logs(status TEXT, name TEXT, user TEXT, time TEXT);

status is true or false, name is username of created account, user is name of API user (e.g dApp) (user from apiTokens table).

create table apitokens(token TEXT, user TEXT);

token is random string used as authorization secret, user is name of API user (e.g dApp).

3 - Rename and edit config.json

Rename config.demo.json to config.json

  "account": "youraccount",
  "key": "thisisyouractivekey",
  "create_account_frontend": "true", //enable or disable frontend website
  "create_account_api": "true", //enable or disable API for creating accounts
  "accept_payment": "true", //set to false if you don't want to accept payments
  "price": "0.5 HIVE",
  "claim": "false",  //set to true if you want to claim account every 12 hours
  "tip": "0.1", //send 10% tip to @fbslo, you can set it to 0 to disable
  "rpc": "",
  "database_ip": "localhost",
  "database_user": "root", //your database user
  "database_password": "database_password", //your database password
  "database_port": "3306",
  "database": "creator",
  "env": "dev" //set to production for production mode (https), any other mode starts server on port 5000

Note: If you enable account claiming, it will claim accounts every 12 hours and it will run until you run out of RCs (or any other error). Than it will pause for 12h and try again. Use with caution!

4 - Run the service:

node app.js

Or use pm2: pm2 start app.js

YOU SHOULDN'T RUN THIS APP AS ROOT! Use nginx as reverse proxy, run app in dev mode and forward all requests to port 5000. See THIS tutorial, you will also get automatic SSL keys generated

You should use SSL! Private keys are sent from front-end to server and than back to client!

In production mode, SSL is required! Create key.pem and cert.pem and store them to /ssl directory. You can get free SSL certificates on (Not recommended, see nginx setup above)

Please report any bugs. If you have any questions, need help installing or using this service, please contact me. Feel free to fork this project and add more features :)

Discord: fbslo#8470

This SOFTWARE PRODUCT is provided by THE PROVIDER "as is" and "with all faults." THE PROVIDER makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, lack of viruses, inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other harmful components of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and THE PROVIDER will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with using, modifying, or distributing this SOFTWARE PRODUCT.


HIVE Account Creator - Make Money Creating Accounts






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