Example code for ForkJoin article : JavaAdvent - 9 Dec 2013
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What is this?

Code for this article

It measures the performance of task processors Serial vs Thread Pool vs ForkJoin.

We read tasks types with TaskProducer from tasks.txt file, and generate random data for them. Then tasks are fed into a processor implementation.




Processors execute the task solving it using a TaskSolver. Results are signaled to a TaskResultHandler that counts down on a latch as Tasks get solved. The latch then continues with a performance counter that measures how much it took to solve the tasks.

Main entry point : com/javaadvent/dec9/TestRunner.java

To run

ant clean-build

java -jar javaadvent-forkjoin.jar

Results on my FC16 machine after a clean reboot:

i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz


Doing 4 runs for each of the 3 processors. Pls wait ...
TaskProcessorSimple: 7963
TaskProcessorSimple: 7757
TaskProcessorSimple: 7748
TaskProcessorSimple: 7744
TaskProcessorPool: 3933
TaskProcessorPool: 2906
TaskProcessorPool: 4477
TaskProcessorPool: 4160
TaskProcessorFJ: 2498
TaskProcessorFJ: 2498
TaskProcessorFJ: 2524
TaskProcessorFJ: 2511
Test completed.