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gjslint not found? #1

godbout opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Can't make it work with the latest beta version of ST2 (haven't tried with old versions).
Get the error message:

/bin/sh: gjslint: command not found

Same problem. I'm on ST2 build 2165


It seems like the gjslint is not installed on your computer, or can't find in path.

If the gjslint is not included in %PATH, you can specific the path in settings: "gjslint_path": "/path/to/gjslint"


Doh! Thanks :)


Oh alright. I thought that the package was installing it inside his own folder in ST2. Thanks for the answer!


I can't set window path (e.g C:\Users\rtrukh\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\sublime-closure-linter) to "gjslint_path" param because spaces in path. Error: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.". Gjslint is included in %PATH. Any ideas how to fix it?


I still haven't tried with installing gjslint but if you need to put the full path, then it's pretty dumb. You should be able to just put the path relative to ST2 and it should work.


Hi rtrukhin,

Is your problem fixed?

Otherwise, can you please set the "debug" to true, and then copy the message to me in the Console window (ctrl+`) ?


I can confirm this is still an issue, at least on OS X. By default gjslinter gets installed into /usr/local/bin/, and it looks like the plugin can't find it there. I can run gjslint from the shell. Creating a symlink in /usr/bin/ solved the issue.


I just hardcode the default path of gjslint to "/usr/bin/gjslint", which prevent search gjslint in path.

Let me fix that issue later.


I had the same issue. I looked in the readme for sublimelinter, and it had me check if the closure linter (gjslint) was installed.
I ran the code on the page, and it worked in sublime the next time I ran it.


and run this in terminal:

sudo easy_install

Works great now
Sublime Text 2 Beta build 2181


i had same problem. ( mac osx 10.7 lion)
but it worked by setting "gjslint_path" at menu of [Sublime Text 2] - [Preferences] - [Package Settings] - [Closure Linter] - [Settings - User]


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