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The following are the available options of jslint4java 2.0.1


    --adsafe       If adsafe rules should be enforced
    --bitwise      If bitwise operators should be allowed
    --browser      If the standard browser globals should be predefined
    --cap          If upper case html should be allowed
    --confusion    If types can be used inconsistently
    --continue     If the continuation statement should be tolerated
    --css          If css workarounds should be tolerated
    --debug        If debugger statements should be allowed
    --devel        If logging should be allowed (console, alert, etc.)
    --encoding     Specify the input encoding
    --eqeq         If == should be allowed
    --es5          If es5 syntax should be allowed
    --evil         If eval should be allowed
    --forin        If for in statements need not filter
    --fragment     If html fragments should be allowed
    --help         Display usage information
                   Default: false
    --indent       The indentation factor
    --jslint       Specify an alternative version of jslint.js
    --maxerr       The maximum number of errors to allow
    --maxlen       The maximum length of a source line
    --newcap       If constructor names capitalization is ignored
    --node         If node.js globals should be predefined
    --nomen        If names may have dangling _
    --on           If html event handlers should be allowed
    --passfail     If the scan should stop on first error
    --plusplus     If increment/decrement should be allowed
    --predef       The names of predefined global variables
    --properties   If all property names must be declared with
    --regexp       If the . should be allowed in regexp literals
    --report       Display report in different formats: plain, xml, junit,
                   checkstyle and report
    --rhino        If the rhino environment globals should be predefined
    --safe         If use of some browser features should be restricted
    --sloppy       If the 'use strict'; pragma is optional
    --sub          If all forms of subscript notation are tolerated
    --timeout      Maximum number of seconds JSLint can run for
                   Default: 0
    --undef        If variables can be declared out of order
    --unparam      If unused parameters should be tolerated
    --vars         If multiple var statements per function should be allowed
    --version      Show the version of JSLint in use.
                   Default: false
    --white        If sloppy whitespace is tolerated
    --widget       If the yahoo widgets globals should be predefined
    --windows      If ms windows-specific globals should be predefined

using jslint version 2011-10-17

Add these in the following format:

"jslint_options": "--browser --white --vars --sloppy --maxerr 500 --timeout 30",
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