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Management of requirements in python
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pyReq management of requirements in python language

Purpose can be used for :

  1. Parsing requirements via regexp from pdf files

    ./ ../in/docExample.pdf "(RQT_[0-9]{4})(.*)" ../work/docExample.json

    will extract requirements of docExample.pdf via a regular expression in docExample.json

  2. Adding attributes to requirements (TargetMilestone, Maturity)

    ./ ../in/reqListSprints.xlsx ../work/docExample.json

    will add attributes of requirements from reqListSprints.xlsx to docExample.json

  3. Traceability from requirement to others requirements (ex: testcase)

    ./ ../in/reqListCoverage.xlsx ../work/docExample.json

    will provides traceability between requirements from reqListCoverage.xlsx to docExample.json

  4. Sorting requirements

    ./ ../work/docExample.json ../out/reqListStatusKO.xlsx

    will extract requirements which have tests failed from docExample.json to reqListStatusKO.xlsx

  5. Exporting requirements to testlink tool

    ./ ../work/docExample.json ../out/testlinkInput.csv

    will export a testlink csv file from docExample.json

Installation and run demo

  1. Linux Ubuntu

    • install pdfminer (for pdf management):

      sudo apt-get install python-pdfminer

    • install openpyxl (for xlsx management):

      sudo apt-get install python-openpyxl

    • enjoy !

      cd scripts


  2. Windows

    c:\Python27\python.exe install

    • enjoy !

      cd scripts


Directories goal

  • doc: minimalist schema trying to explain how it works
  • in : input files (pdf), xlsx (input): your input(s)
  • out : result of an extraction : dont modify it
  • work: permanent requirements storage (like a database) in json format
  • scripts: python scripts (see doc in doc file)


Req are stored in Json file from python

  • extract requirements from pdf to json

  • allows to write in Json file from xlsx (excel) file a list of requirements + attribute and covered requirements

  • + a list of requirements can get back for this list of requirements the covered req and the correspondings attributes

more information in : doc/pyReq.pdf

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