Mosaiqy it's a jQuery plugin to organize and show image thumbnails and zoom, easy to integrate also with Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and other. Check carefully the homepage project and source code for full detail, licensing, legal notices and copyright
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For full detail, licensing, legal notices and copyright
Project Homepage: http://fabriziocalderan/mosaiqy

Mosaiqy is a thumbnail/zoom viewer plugin for jQuery 1.9+.
Thumbnails are arranged in a grid and each row and column could be randomically moved,
sliding in every direction and showing other thumbnails available.
Image data is described as a regular JSON object. 

Technical in-depth detail 

- Mosaiqy has been developed using some concepts of inheritance pattern for large
  jQuery application and the Module pattern;

- In development version all Javascript methods are full-documented, according to
  the JsDoc syntax;
- Only main plugin extends $.fn (jQuery.prototype). Other internal chained method
  have been subclassed with $.sub().
- Use of $.Deferred objects available only from jQuery 1.5 for asynchronous images
- Use of CSS3 transitions and transformation where available. Animations are taken
  over by the GPU on newer browser so they take benefit of the hardware acceleration.