Giving a head start on implementing a settings view in iOS
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This project is deprecated. I'm not developing it any more, and it was probably ill-conceived to begin with.

A head start on implementing a settings view in iOS

FCSettingsBooster is a collection of table view cells that interface directly with user preferences stored in NSUserDefaults. Its only benefit over the standard settings bundle approch is the ability to use custom views to show values, and custom view controllers to select values for settings.


FCSettingsBooster is no longer under active development. Unless the features that are currently built are exactly what you need to use, I do not suggest using it.

The individual components listed as "functional" below are ready for use. The architecture and code of a coordinating Settings View Controller is majorly in flux and I suggest nobody use it for the time being.

Project Roadmap

  • Functional
  • In Progress
  • Planned
    • Font Picker
    • Easy compatibility with custom cells / preferences
  • Under Consideration
    • Button Cell
    • iCloud synchronization – (There are already a few options out there)
    • Preview Cell – Custom cell that can subscribe to certain preference changes
    • Slider Cell
    • StoreKit Enabled cells – e.g. remove ads, enable a feature