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# Make file for the Erlang Chess Move Generator
# Author: Francois Cardinaux
# Date: 2011.06.24
# Use the Makefile in the parent directory instead.
# leave these lines alone
.SUFFIXES: .erl .beam .yrl
erlc -DTEST -W -o ../beams $<
erlc -DTEST -W -o ../beams $<
ERL = erl -boot start_clean
# Here's a list of the erlang modules you want compiling
# If the modules don't fit onto one line add a \ character
# to the end of the line and continue on the next line
# use vpath to tell make where to search for %.erl files (source
vpath %.erl ../erl
# Edit the lines below
MODS = chessfold \
# The first target in any makefile is the default target.
# If you just type "make" then "make all" is assumed (because
# "all" is the first target in this makefile)
all: compile
compile: ${MODS:%=%.beam}
# remove all the code
rm -rf *.beam erl_crash.dump