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%% This is a sample config file for Zotonic.
%% The configurations are for the Zotonic system itself.
%% Site configuration is found in each site's config file.
%% The site config files are in the subdirectories of priv/sites/.
%% To use this configuration file:
%% 1. Make sure Zotonic is NOT running
%% 2. Copy this file to "config" (in this "priv" directory)
%% 3. Change (and uncomment) any setting you want to modify
%% 4. Start Zotonic.
%% 5. Check if Zotonic is using your new settings.
%% - When not then you have made a configuration error, start Zotonic
%% in debug mode with "./" or " debug"
%% Zotonic will rewrite the file when settings are changed by Zotonic.
%% Zotonic will ensure that there is a 'password' entry, adding it when necessary.
%% Rarely used configurations are commented out, change at your own risk.
%% The given values are the defaults for the options.
%% Be careful with the comma after each option, exclude it after the last option.
%% PostgeSQL database defaults.
%% These are the defaults for the equally named options in your site's config file.
%% IP address Zotonic will listen on for HTTP requests
%% Always overruled by the environment variable ZOTONIC_IP
%% Use 'any' for all IP addresses
%% Port Zotonic will listen on for HTTP requests.
%% Always overruled by the environment variable ZOTONIC_PORT
%% Port Zotonic will listen on for HTTPS requests.
%% Always overruled by the environment variable ZOTONIC_PORT_SSL
% {listen_port_ssl,8443},
%% SSL options
% {ssl, true},
% {ssl_certfile, "priv/ssl/server.crt"},
% {ssl_keyfile, "priv/ssl/server.key"},
%% SMTP outbound relay configuration
% {smtp_relay, true},
% {smtp_host, "localhost"},
% {smtp_port, 2525},
% {smtp_ssl, true},
%% SMTP extra relay options:
%% some picky/buggy/misconfigured relays might need one of these to be enabled
% {smtp_no_mx_lookups, false},
% {smtp_verp_as_from, false},
% {smtp_bounce_email_override, ""},
%% SMTP mail queue
%% How long to keep sent messages in the mail queue (in minutes)
%% Leave it long enough to receive any bounce message
% {smtp_delete_sent_after, 240},
%% SMTP debug options
%% Send a copy of outgoing mail to this address
% {smtp_bcc, "bcc@localhost"},
%% Send all mail to this address instead of the original recipient
% {email_override, "override@localhost"},
%% SMTP Inbound Server Options
%% Always overruled by the environment variables ZOTONIC_SMTP_LISTEN_DOMAIN, ZOTONIC_SMTP_LISTEN_IP and ZOTONIC_SMTP_LISTEN_PORT
% {smtp_listen_domain, undefined},
% {smtp_listen_ip, ""},
% {smtp_listen_port, 2525},
%% Password for the sites administration site (zotonic_status)
%% Zotonic will generate a secure password for you, so you don't need to enable this.
%% When you enable this you MUST select a secure password!!!
% {password, ""},
%% inet request backlog, enlarge when requests are dropped
% {inet_backlog,500},
%% Directory where log files are written
% {log_dir,"priv/log"},
%% Enable performance logging (in addition to request logging)
% {enable_perf_logger, true},
%% Webmachine error handler, you can use your own.
% {webmachine_error_handler,z_webmachine_error_handler},
% Date this file was created/updated
{modify_date, {{2010,7,12},{12,28,30}}}
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