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An iPhone app to keep track of your Dollar Bets
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Dollar Bets 

  Copyright (c) Richard Kirk - all right reserved.
  And, the software may includes other software.

  You can choose license for this source code from below
    - GPL(GNU Public Licnese) version 2 or lator.
      (Except the case other license is written in the beginning of source.
       Some files have more loose MIT license.)
    - Other than GPL based on seperate agreement.
       If you want to use for other than GPL license, contact me with details for negotiation.

For developers out there, this source code is not intended to be copied directly, please do not try to republish this application under your own name.
This code should serve as a reference for how to build an iOS application. 

With that being said, feel free to lookever the code and use bits in your own app. If you do look through this code, please send any and all comments to me at I consider myself a constant student, so let me know what you think. 
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