bootstrap a development environment for node.js using Vagrant, includes redis-server and mongodb
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This is a Vagrant file and set of Chef recipes for building a basic node development environment. If you're not familiar with Vagrant, read more about it at

To set up, make sure you have ruby gems and VirtualBox (> 4.0) installed. Next:

gem install vagrant
vagrant box add base

If you already have Vagrant, make sure it's a later version (> 0.9.0).

Clone this repository and type

vagrant up

After a few minutes, you should have a virtual dev environment with node, npm, mongodb and redis. The app folder is shared, and port 3000 on the VM is forwarded to port 3000 on the localhost. This is all customizable in the Vagrantfile.

You can test out your environment by ssh'ing into your environment and running the sample script:

vagrant ssh
cd app
node server.js

Next open localhost:3000 in your web browser. If everything worked correctly, you should see 'Hello World'