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- Initial bindings by Florent Monnier (for the C API).
- Added caml_(enter|leave)_blocking_section() around functions
sfWindow_Display() and sfRenderWindow_Display() by Jérémie Dimino.
- sfRenderWindow_CreateFromHandle() wrapped by Jérémie Dimino.
- Update from the 1.6 API to the 2.0 API by Florent Monnier.
- Added stubs for the C++ API by Florent Monnier.
- Updated to SFML 2.2 by Sylvain Boilard.
- Updated to SFML 2.4 by Sylvain Boilard.
- Rewrite PausableClock in pure OCaml by Sylvain Boilard.
- Thanks to Julow and kristofer for patch, help, comments and testing on MacOS:
Jules Aguillon <juloo.dsi()> (Julow@GitHub)
Kristófer Reykjalín <kristofer()> (reykjalin@GitHub)