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Indtroductory course to cryptocurrencies and applications of Blockchain technologies.
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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

School of applied Mathematics - FGV

Flávio Codeço Coelho

Introductory course on cryptocurrencies and other applications of blockchain technology. This course is part of the Applied Maths and Data-Science Undergraduate programs of FGV

Video lectures (in portuguese) are available on Youtube, covering part of this course's content.

News and announcements

Online Billboard

date conteúdo
2018-08-02 leitura prévia do white paper para a aula (ver bibliografia)
2018-08-09 leitura prévia do paper Raft


  1. Introdution to Bitcoin and its history; the origin of cryptocurrencies
  2. Using Bitcoin Client
  3. Cryptocurrencies: A global overview of the most important coins and how they work
  4. Interacting with Bitcoin's blockchain from the Python console
  5. Bitcoin's "Proof of Work". From concepts to practice.
  6. Introduction to Cryptographic Hash functions and their use on Blockchains.
  7. Eliptical Curve Cryptography and their use in Bitcoin.
    • RSA as a model of public key cryptography
  8. Alt coins
  9. Proof of stake.
  10. The Ethereum platform and smart contracts.
  11. Ethereum: White e Yellow paper
  12. Understanding Ethereum usage of Merkle Trees
  13. Desenvolvendo Aplicações na plataforma Ethereum
  14. Introduction to the Solidity Language
  15. Developing smart contracts: Open-zeppelin.
  16. Interacting with contracts from Javascript and Python.
  17. Developping Decentralized Apps (Dapps) using Meteor.




Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocols

Other sources


Blockchains rely on different proving strategies to ensure distributed consensus. We will discuss some of them in this course.

Proofs of work

Proofs of Stake

Proofs of Retrievability

Proof of Burn

  • Slimcoin paper [pdf]


  1. Bruno Cuconato @odanoburu
  2. João Carabetta @JoaoCarabetta
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