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# coding: utf8
Simplification of polygonal lines according to Visvalingam's algorithm:
Copyright 2012 Flávio Codeco Coelho
License: GPL v3
import copy
def triangle_area(p1,p2,p3):
calculates the area of a triangle given its vertices
return abs(p1[0]*(p2[1]-p3[1])+p2[0]*(p1[1]-p3[1])+p3[0]*(p1[1]-p2[1]))/2.
class JSONSimplify(object):
def __init__(self, feature_collection): = feature_collection
self.features = feature_collection["features"]
def simplify(self,threshold=0):
Simplifies polygons by eliminating points which form with neighboring points a triangle of area less than threshold
with threshold = 0, the simplification is non-destructive. Use with care for values above 0.
simplified_features = [self._simplify_geometry(f,threshold) for f in self.features]["features"] = simplified_features
def _simplify_geometry(self, feature,threshold=0):
Simplifies polygons in a feature and returns
geometry = feature["geometry"]
assert isinstance(geometry,dict)
if "type" in geometry and geometry["type"] == "Polygon":
coordinates = geometry["coordinates"][0]
print geometry
raise TypeError("Invalid Geometry")
deleted = {}
areas = {n : triangle_area(coordinates[n-1],coordinates[n],coordinates[n+1]) for n in range(1,len(coordinates)-1)}
# First, non-destructive elimination of co-linear points
for n,area in areas.iteritems():
if area == 0:
deleted[n] = area
# now, sequentially remove triangles with areas less than threshold
for n in deleted.iterkeys():
del areas[n]
filtered_areas = copy.deepcopy(areas)
while area < threshold:
if len(filtered_areas) < 25: break
area = min(filtered_areas.values())
if area > threshold: break
for n,a in areas.iteritems():
if n not in filtered_areas: continue
if a == area:
deleted[n] = a
del filtered_areas[n]
feature["geometry"]["coordinates"] = [[c for n,c in enumerate(coordinates) if n not in deleted]]
return feature
if __name__=="__main__":
import json
with open('data.json','r') as f:
data = json.load(f)
L = JSONSimplify(data)
data_s = L.simplify(0.001)
with open('data_s.json','w') as f:
json.dump(data_s,f,separators=(',', ':'))
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