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ExpressionEngine DB Trace Module

The general concept is to trace your local db changes and store them into a release file. Release files can be deployed through FTP/GIT/SVN/Etc, after deploy you can do an install of the release, pushing all your db changes.


  • MySQL as DB
  • ExpressionEngine 2.6 or higher


  • Copy database driver mysql_trace folder to system\codeigniter\system\database\drivers
  • Copy other folders to appropriate EE folders
  • Add config values (see below).
  • Change your in db driver in config/database.php to mysql_trace
  • Make your trace_file_location writeable (chmod 777)


Add the following keys to your config.php, example for a local dev environment.

$config['trace_live_site'] = FALSE;
$config['trace_url'] = '';
$config['trace_path'] = '/var/www/sites/';
$config['trace_file_location'] = '/var/www/sites/';

$config['trace_developer'] = "fccotech";
$config['trace_include'] = array('update','insert','delete','alter','drop','create');
$config['trace_exclude'] = array('exp_cp_log','exp_channel_entries_autosave','exp_stats','exp_sessions','exp_sites','exp_captcha','exp_online_users', 'exp_security_hashes','last_activity');


True/false -> set to false on your dev server, true on your staging / production server.


The url of you current site, this url is copied to the release file. Afterwards we can automaticly correct urls on the live site.


The path on your current site, see above


Tag that identifies the release files which yout developer info.


SQL actions to be traced, SELECT is excluded by default because it doesn't change anything in you DB (duh..)


Tables not to be traced (non critical stuff).


Allows you to set a location where trace files are stored. Defaults to third_party/trace/files

##Example live site config

$config['trace_live_site'] = TRUE;
$config['trace_url'] = '';
$config['trace_path'] = '/var/www/sites/';
$config['trace_file_location'] = '/var/www/sites/';


1.1.1 - 3/25/2014

  • Fixed a bug where the release folder structure was not created properly
  • Fixed a small bug in the CP when no release files are present

1.1 - 3/11/2014

  • Fixed a bug where queries with newline characters where included in the trace which are excluded in the config
  • Added config parameter "trace_file_location"

1.0 - Initial release