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TTN node with RIOT-OS on the TTGO Lora32 V1 board
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RIOT TTGO ESP32 TTN test program

This code is a sample program to test the feasibility of running RIOT-OS on a TTGO ESP32 Lora board that also has a SSD1306 screen. It is also a test bed to test multiple threads running, namelly a thread for the OLed display and other for the TheThingsNetwork TTN communication. No efforts so far where done for energy conservation...


To run this code the following is needed:

  • Riot-OS repository cloned (/opt)
  • Riot-OS Build docker image.
  • ESP-IDF github repository, to flash the firmware, since it is not possible to do it from the docker image
  • The supporting board definitions for the TTGO ESP32 Lora V1 board

RIOT-OS TTGO ESP32 Lora board support

At the current time of writing this README, out-of-the-box, RIOT-OS doesn't have a board definition for the V1 TTGO ESP32 Lora board. The board definition for supporting the TTGO Lora32 board on RIOT-OS is available at Under the boards directory from the above repository, the directory esp32-ttgo-lora32-v1 must be copied first to the boards directory of your RIOT installation.

After that change the Makefile for your activation type, either OTTA or ABP and fill up the required information for the choosen method.

In case of ABP, from the TTN console, copy the Device id, application and network session key to the Makefile, and make sure that are no trailing spaces, otheriwse stange compile errors appear.

Then, just execute:

make flash term

and enjoy.

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