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R Benchmarkings
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R Benchmarkings

This document compares the performance in doing a task by means of different approaches in R. For doing so, the microbenchmark package is used, measuring the time spent by each approach. The results are shown numerically and plotting them using ggplot2.

The goal is to elucidate which is the best method to accomplish a certain task.

How to use

Open the file to see the tests and the results they produce.

You can run these benchmarks in your own computer by downloading the RBenchmarkings.Rmd file and running it. To do so, you will need R and the knitr, ggplot2 and microbenchmark packages. To some test you will also need the compiler, Rcpp and inline packages, and to compile C++ code the proper tools must be installed in your system: the C++ compiler chain in GNU/Linux, the Xcode software in OS X, and Rtools in Windows.

In you only want the R code, get the RBenchmarkings.R file.

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