Run your webpack builds inside a docker container
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Run your webpack builds inside a docker container


I got tired of incompatibility issues between my installed node version, node-sass, webpack and its plugins, and the lack of python or gcc to compile binary dependencies. So I created this Q&D tool which runs webpack inside a docker container so I don't have to care about those issues. I'm using it in 2 projects and haven't found any issues. YMMV probably and I'm sure there's a lot of things that could be done better.

I'm not currently using webpack dev server on those projects, so I haven't tested it. Won't probably work, I guess I should add an EXPOSE something to the Dockerfile. If you want to modify it and try it, be my guest.

Your project's directory is shared to the container as a volume. NPM packages are installed inside the container and this node_modules is mounted over your host's node_modules directory using a bind mount, so the npm install that is automatically executed inside the container won't overwrite your locally installed packages.

Was a fun and fast little project that grew out of my frustration. :)


npm install -g dockpack


You can create a dockpack.config.js on your project's root directory but it's not really necessary unless you want to customize something:

module.exports = {

  // Choose a custom node version.
  // By default it will use the same version that your host has.
  nodeVersion: '6',
  // An array of custom volumes
  dockerVolumes: [ 
  // If these are set to true, your image will be squashed.
  // Currently supported on the experimental Docker daemon.
  experimental: true,
  squash: true


It's a wrapper around webpack cli, so call it like you would do it with webpack:



dockpack --watch