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Community maintained version of the fcollada library


successfully merged and build OMK fcollada and WF fcollada. O3D fcollada uses chrome basetypes, requires more work to fix and bring over.

This library works as a drop in replacement in 0ad! Need more external testing...

probably autotools build based on the WF makefile (I know it better than cmake).
finish doxygen?

-- March 13, 2011, Scott Howard <>

Feeling Software created the fcollada library(last released in 2008), but has since stopped support. There are no available downloads or information on fcollada on feeling software's website.

Multiple projects now use this library, each adding their own patches.

This project is an attempt to bring all the community ports together into a single release where seperate projects can contribute and collaborate.

The upstream source is difficult to find, but I believe I found a copy of the latest release (3.05B) here:

-- March 12, 2011, Scott Howard <>
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