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Alflytics is the Open Source Business Intelligence (OSBI) solution over Alfresco content and processes, built using the Pentaho platform. With Alflytics is provided a pure Business Intelligence solution to extract, store and enquiry content data (documents, folders, metadata, tags, categories, etc.), audit trail and processes at a very detailed level, with the goal to be easily customized and extended with other entities coming from external Services like: ERP, CRM, custom Applications, etc.

Alflytics uses the data coming from Alfresco platform, the ability of the Pentaho platform to build reports, dashboards and free analysis, and the latest techniques in Data Warehousing, to define a complete set of analytics and insights on top of your preferred ECM+BPM solution.

Technical details

This project develops a Pentaho Sparkl Application to be released into an installation of the Pentaho Analytics platform. To deploy it, please follow the instructions below assuming you have a Pentaho Analytics platform v7.0 available in the <pentaho-server> folder.

Open a terminal and execute the commands detailed below.

cd ~
git clone
cd alflytics
mkdir <pentaho-server>/pentaho-solutions/system/Alflytics
cp -R * <pentaho-server>/pentaho-solutions/system/Alflytics
rm -rf <pentaho-server>/pentaho-solutions/system/Alflytics/build
cd <pentaho-server>

Documentation and support

For more informations about the project, support or further details, go throught the documentation.