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A.A.A.R. migrated to Aflytics!
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A.A.A.R. project became Alflytics!

It is higly suggested to consider the migration to Alflytics.

Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting

”Who is using the Alfresco E.C.M.?

How the repository is growing up in the passing time?

Which are the most viewed contents in the Alfresco E.C.M. last week?

Who are the most active users in the Alfresco E.C.M. in the last quarter?

Which is the created content during last week? And during last month?

Which is the most accessed content of the last month?

How many failed login?”

These are only some of the questions that are often done about an Alfresco E.C.M. and is well known that Alfresco only recently is starting to define a reporting system and today they are following exactly the same path you can see here, with a solution for Enterprise Edition only and a high cost.

With Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (A.A.A.R.) is provided a solution to extract, store and query audit data together with the document/folder informations at a very detailed level, with the goal to be useful to the end-user in a very easy way. To reach that goal, to make the data more friendly for the end-user, the data are published in reports in well-known formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, csv, etc.) and stored directly in Alfresco as static documents organized in folders, versioned, authorized and published.

On the top of the A.A.A.R. solution, the A.A.A.R. Analytics is a set of powerful tools to analyze data in an interactive and customizable way with a user console composed by dashboards, reports and free analysis.

Remembering that Alfresco is leader as an Open Source E.C.M. platform, the provided solution integrates the Pentaho Suite ( as the most important Open Source Business Intelligence platform. Thanking to the use of Pentaho Data Integration ( and Pentaho Report Designer ( the solution is a scalable and generic Reporting System with an open window on the Business Intelligence world. A.A.A.R. is now published in the official Pentaho Marketplace.

For more informations:

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