Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers.
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Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers

This repository contains the source code related to the samples contained into the book named "Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers" (Packt Publishing). The book is the second and updated edition of the Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers, published in 2009.

To make easier for the developers to find the requested example, the repository is organized by chapter. There is folder defined for each chapter of the book. Inside each folder representing a chapter you will find a project. Check the README file to understand the project and how to compile and run it.


All the examples contained into this repository are developed using an Ubuntu Operating System v16.04 LTS with 4Gb of RAM and Processor Intel i7.

The environment is composed by: Java JVM 1.8.0_131, Apache Maven 3.3.9, git version 2.7.4.

We can't be responsible for any damage done to your system, which hopefully will not happen.