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Gnome Terminal migrate tool

Recover Gnome Terminal profiles from gconf directories and export to a dconf load script. Useful when recovering profiles from Ubuntu 14.04 or less.

Depends on python2.7. The script does the best effort to recover all options, some of them don't have sense anymore in newest versions of gterminal. For more information you can check


usage: [-h] [--load-current-profiles]
                         [--load-gconf-profiles-from GCONF_PATH]
                         [--set-backup-profile-default] [--set [SET]]
                         [--execute-action] [--execute-delete]

Gnome Terminal config restore

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Load current dconf profiles
  --load-gconf-profiles-from GCONF_PATH
                        Load gconf profiles from path
                        Skip restoring already existent profile names
                        Set new default profile to GConf default
  --set [SET]           Set all profile option to value. For ex:
                        --set="font='Consolas 13'" --set="default-size-
                        columns=136" --set="default-size-rows=44"
  --execute-action      Run command that updates dconf with command result, by
                        default we just print new dconf to console, and you
                        can manually load with "dconf load"
  --execute-delete      Delete previous existing profiles


Add old profiles to current list, ignore if same name exist, print to stdout:

python --load-current-profiles --skip-duplicate-names \
    --load-gconf-profiles-from homefolder_backup/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal \
    > new_dconf_profiles

You can now review new_dconf_profiles and then load it with:

/usr/bin/dconf load /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/ < new_dconf_profiles

Update current profiles properties at once:

python --load-current-profiles --set="font='Consolas 13'" \
    --set="default-size-columns=170" --set="default-size-rows=50" \
    --execute-delete --execute-action

Other information

Gconf file structure:

├── gnome-terminal
│   ├── %gconf.xml
│   ├── global
│   │   └── %gconf.xml
│   └── profiles
│       ├── Default
│       │   └── %gconf.xml
│       ├── %gconf.xml
│       ├── Profile1
│       │   └── %gconf.xml
│       ├── Profile10
│       │   └── %gconf.xml
│       ├── Profile11
│       │   └── %gconf.xml

Dconf editor

Run it and navigate to /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/ to see current profiles.

$ sudo apt-get install dconf-editor
$ dconf-editor