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Prism is a framework to synchronize incarnations of a model shared in different technological spaces.

This repository contains

  • The Prism framework
    • Located in languageWB\Prism and languageWB\Prism.ui
  • A Finite State Machine language implemented in Rascal, EMF and Java fluent API
    • Defined in languageWB\myfsm.rascal\src\lang.myfsm\MetaModel.rsc, languageWB\myfsm.model\model\myfsm.ecore and modelingWB\JavaFSM\src\fluent\
  • Implementations of Patch producers/consumers for Rascal, EMF and Java
    • Located in languageWB/Prism/src/prism/rascal, languageWB/Prism/src/prism/emf and languageWB/Prism/src/prism/java


  1. Clone this repository on your machine (command git clone in a terminal) or download and unzip it.
  2. Install Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers available here
  3. Install Sirius in menu Help > Install New Software..., copy/past in the Work with field, then type the Enter key. Check Sirius and click Finish to start the installation
  4. Install Rascal following the same procedure as Sirius with for the Work with field
  5. Import projects from the repositorty located in languageWB. It can be done in menu File > Import... > Existing Projects in Workspace
  6. Launch new Eclipse instance. It can be done in menu Run > Run Configurations... then create Eclipse Application and click the button Run
  7. Import projects from modelingWB in your new workspace


Once you are in the second Eclipse instance

  1. Check your are in the Sirius perspective
  2. Open example/representation.aird (Machine Diagram)
  3. Open JavaFSM/src/main/
  4. Open TestIt/ (should not be opened first for technical reason)
  5. Now editing one representation should update the others (after a save)