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* After adding an event with a new tag, the tag autocompletion won't pick up the new tag until the page is reloaded.
* Merging one bucket into another can result in events having two line-items referencing the same bucket.
FEATURES that would be nice to have someday (in no particular order)
* spinner for ajax actions
* user info page (for password change)
* password reset from login page
* signup process
* exception notifier (?)
* better /subscriptions index
* better 404 and 500 error pages
* searching
* reporting
* transaction templates ("saved" or "memorized" transactions)
* scheduled transactions (occur automatically at specified intervals)
* print stylesheet
* oauth authentication for API
* filter event views to show only events with a non-zero balance for the account in question
* filter event views to show only deposits, or only expenses
* normalize 'actor' so we can do actor-centric queries more efficiently
* autocomplete actor field in event form
* full-text searching on the memo field
* show bucket and account balances next to names in drop-downs
* make bucket reallocation work from bucket perma
* support for multiple 'aside' buckets in a single account
* graphical icons to replace the textual icons for various actions
* add/edit transactions from the reconciliation view
* statement API