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gli [global options] command_name [command-specific options] [--] arguments...
  • Use the command help to get a summary of commands

  • Use the command help command_name to get a help for command_name

  • Use -- to stop command line argument processing; useful if your arguments have dashes in them

Global Options

These options are available for any command and are specified before the name of the command


Dry run; dont change the disk

-r, --root=arg

Root dir of project ( default: .)

This is the directory where the projects directory will be made, so if you specify a project name foo and the root dir of ., the directory ./foo will be created


Be verbose


Show version



Shows list of commands or help for one command


Create a new GLI-based project

help [command]

Shows list of commands or help for one command

init project_name [command[ command]*]

Create a new GLI-based project


  • scaffold

This will create a scaffold command line project that uses GLI for command line processing. Specifically, this will create an executable ready to go, as well as a lib and test directory, all inside the directory named for your project


These options are specified after the command.

-e, --ext

Create an ext dir


Overwrite/ignore existing files and directories


Do not create a test dir