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[0.7.0 - not released - Features]
* The project is a Gem package.
* Postview command for create a new directory structure.
* Added CLI commands.
* Added basic classes for version and information about project.
* Added basic files for versioning and informations.
* Updated methods and constants to path of directories.
* Updated default views.
* Support to themes using ERB.
[0.6.0 - 2009-07-31 - Features and enhancements]
* Added task for build settings file.
* Added task for build rackup file.
* Default root path has been added in settings.
* Improvements in synchronize tasks.
* Fixes in the page keywords.
* All tasks have been added in the rakefile.
[0.5.0 - 2009-07-21 - Features and enhancements]
* Task for synchronize post files has been added.
* New instructions in README file.
* Added instructions in task for new post.
* Fixes and updates in settings.
* Default values have been added in settings.
* All views have been improved.
* All views for new helper methods have been updated.
* All tests have been fixed.
* Mapping class has been removed in favour of Sinatra::Mapping extension.
* All methods in the application have been updated for new methods of the
Sinatra::Mapping extension.
[0.4.0 - 2009-07-13 - Features and enhancements]
* Postage have been used for handle post files.
* Several features have been updated for use Postage.
[0.3.2 - 2009-07-09 - Enhancements]
* Task for create new post.
* Task for create release package.
[0.3.1 - 2009-07-09 - Features]
* Added individual tasks.
* Added default settings to fix errors.
[0.3.0 - 2009-07-07 - Features]
* Added render wrapper method for simplified local variables in views.
* Support for listing drafts.
* Added new mapping for list all drafts.
* Added rescue errors in settings file not found.
[0.2.0 - 2009-07-02 - Features]
* The helper methods were improved.
* Improvements in routes and settings.
* Added class for mapping route paths.
* All tests and views were fixed.
* Improved methods in settings class.
* Improved initialize method in site, finder and mapping.
[0.1.0 - 2009-06-04 - Main features for alpha version]
* All posts are loaded from files.
* All attributes for a post are loaded from a file name.
* Support for tags, archiving and search.
* Support for configuration of routes and directories for posts and
* Lightweight interface.
* Added support for settings.
* Listing posts by tags and search.