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= Developers
- {Gregory Brown}[]
- {Dudley Flanders}[]
- {James Healy}[]
- Dinko Mehinovic
- {Michael Milner}[]
= Contributors / People we've (legally) stolen from:
Iain Broadfoot:
- RuportDay 2006 Participant
Eric Pugh:
- RuportDay 2006 Participant
James Edward Gray II:
- Original inspiration via query.rb
- system_extensions.rb
Mathijs Mohlmann:
- Performance Enhancement
TextPlugin r264-r265
HTMLPlugin r266
Francis Hwang:
- SQLSplit
Simon Claret:
- Initial PDF table support (now deprecated)
Daniel Berger:
- we vendored and modified attempt.rb to support it directly in Report.
Original website:
Marshall T. Vandegrift:
- Fixed a bug in Record's struct-like accessors (method_missing)
- Provided performance enhancements and tests for query.rb
- Improved alignment for Text Tables.
Stefan Mahlitz:
- Table#sort_rows_by
Chris Carter
- Table#remove_columns (r440)
Dave Nelson
- Grouping#sigma (r1131)