This application allows to index web documents, creating RDF triples that link a web URL to some URIs of a SKOS thesaurus
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License: GPL v3

This project contains two applications, which can be used individually or in a pipeline:

  • agrotagger: the Unix application to run the AgroTagger.
  • crawler: the Unix application to run a custimized version of Apache Nutch web crawler. This application can produce an input file for the AgroTagger.

This work was partially founded by the European Commission under EU FP7 project agINFRA (Grant No. 283770) and EU FP7 project SemaGrow (Grant No. 318497).


AgroTagger allows to index web documents identifying main topics and creating RDF triples that link a Web URL to some AGROVOC URIs. Currently, the tagging application is based on MAUI and it uses as default AGROVOC in English.

Web documents to be indexed can be passed to the application through a file containing a list of URLs, or through a file containing the output of an Apache Nutch web crawler.

The output of AgroTagger is an RDF NTRIPLE file (zipped in a tar.gz archive), which mainly contains the "dcterms:subject" predicate. The user can also choose a text file as output format: it will contain AGROVOC terms and not URIs. Other predicates can be activated using boolean flags. An example of the output RDF file is available in the RDF page.

Web Crawler

This is a customized version of Apache Nutch, a highly extensible, scalable and configurable open-source web crawler.


Requirements: agrotagger and the web crawler need at least Java 6 to work properly.

The installation process simply requires to download the code. In fact, AgroTagger is a Java application based on three sub-applications to be executed sequentially. Some bash scripts are provided to execute AgroTagger on a Unix environment. Information about Java sub-applications and examples of usage are available in the Java Applications page. Similarly, the web crawler is a Java application that can be executed also with bash scripts provided with the code. Additional details are provided in the README files of the two software components.