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Fedora Indexing Service (Triplestore)

This application implements a bridge to an external triplestore, such as Sesame or Fuseki for Fedora4.

Additional background information on this service is available on the Fedora Wiki on the Integration Services page.


To build this project use

MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m" mvn install

Deploying in OSGi

This project can be deployed in an OSGi container. For example using Apache ServiceMix or Apache Karaf, you can run the following command from its shell:

feature:repo-add mvn:org.fcrepo.camel/toolbox-features/LATEST/xml/features
feature:install fcrepo-indexing-triplestore
feature:install fcrepo-service-activemq


The application can be configured by creating a file in $KARAF_HOME/etc/org.fcrepo.camel.indexing.triplestore.cfg. The following values are available for configuration:

In the event of failure, the maximum number of times a redelivery will be attempted.


If you would like to index only those objects with a type indexing:Indexable, set this property to true


It is possible to control the representation of fedora resources with Prefer headers by including or excluding certain types of triples. For instance, ldp:contains triples are excluded by default. This is so because, for large repositories, the ldp:contains triples may number in the hundreds of thousands or millions of triples, which lead to very large request/response sizes. It is important to note that fedora:hasParent functions as a logical inverse of ldp:contains, so in the context of a triplestore, you can use the inverse property in SPARQL queries to much the same effect. Alternately, a built-in reasoner will allow you to work directly with ldp:contains triples even if they haven't been explicitly added to the triplestore.


The camel URI for the incoming message stream.


The camel URI for handling reindexing events.


The base URL of the triplestore being used.


A named graph for any objects being indexed in the triplestore. This value, if not left blank, should be a valid URI.


A comma-delimited list of URIs to filter. That is, any Fedora resource that either matches or is contained in one of the URIs listed will not be processed by the fcrepo-indexing-triplestore application.


By editing this file, any currently running routes will be immediately redeployed with the new values.

For more help see the Apache Camel documentation