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How to stop being busy and become productive

This workshop has been presented twice at the 31st EFPSA Congress in Qakh, Azerbaijan. We have written up the main points on the JEPS Bulletin; you can view the blog post here.

With the rise of social media, potential distractions have risen to unseen levels. They dominate our daily lives. Do you check Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Email on a constant basis? Do you have an embarrassing relationship with your alarm clock’s snooze button? Do you pass of social invites, telling other people that you are too busy? As a generation, we have lost the ability to focus sharply on the task at hand; instead, we work on a multitude of things simultaneously, lamenting that we do not achieve the things we seek to achieve. Reviewing research on productivity and reflecting personal experience, we share useful tips, tricks, and tools for you to stay on top of your day and move quickly from task to task, accomplishing the things that matter. In addition to further resources, we suggest a three stage actionable program for you to work through in order to stop being busy and start being productive. Being productive is the opposite of being a workaholic. It not only entails professional success, but also physical fitness and a rewarding social life. It entails growing as a person. With this sentiment, we invite you to join our workshop and try it yourself!