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hmh - How many hours?

Calculate hours using time spaces

🇺🇸 English  |  🇧🇷 Português do Brasil


npm install hmh

Note: To install the previous version, when all methods just return a string, use:

npm install hmh@1.0.5

API Documentation

hmh.sum(value[, output])

Calculate the hours, summing time spaces.


Type: String or Array

Value is a number, representing a time space, that must have a suffix h (hours) or m (minutes). The suffix needs to be stuck in the number.

By time space, I mean:

  • 1 hour and 10 minutes = 1h 10m or 1h10m
  • 2 hours = 2h or 120m
  • Understood? xD

You can use any time spaces you want, and don't worry about spaces, they will be ignored:

const hmh = require('hmh')
console.log(hmh.sum('10m 20m 30m 40m 50m').toString()) // '2h 30m'
console.log(hmh.sum('10h2m2h    5m').toString()) // '12h 7m'

You may use an array too:

console.log(hmh.sum(['10m', '   20m', ' 30m ', '40m', '50m']).toString()) // '2h 30m'

See? Spaces between time spaces are completely ignored =)


Type: String Default: hours Options: minutes

The output is always shown in the best format. If it don't have hours, just minutes will be shown. Otherwise, it will be shown in hours.

But you may want to force the output in minutes. That's easy! Just pass it as second parameter:

const sum = hmh.sum('10m 20m 30m 40m', 'minutes')
console.log(sum.toString()) // '100m'


Type: Object

All methods return an object, with the properties h, m and isNegative; and the method toString():

console.log(hmh.sum('1h 10m 20m 30m')) // { toString: [Function], h: 2, m: null, isNegative: false }

Type: Number or null

This property returns the number of hours in result:

console.log(hmh.sum('1h 10m 20m 30m').h) // 2

Type: Number or null

This property returns the number of minutes in result:

console.log(hmh.sum('1h 10m 30m').m) // 40
console.log(hmh.sum('1h 10m 20m 30m').m) // null
console.log(hmh.sum('1h 10m 20m 30m', 'minutes').m) // 120

Type: Boolean

This property returns if the result is negative:

console.log(hmh.sub('1h 2h').isNegative) // true
console.log(hmh.sub('2h 1h').isNegative) // false

Type: Function Return: String

This method returns a String representation for the result (it is the same as the first version returned):

console.log(hmh.sum('1h 2h').toString()) // '3h'
console.log(hmh.sum('1h 2h', 'minutes').toString()) // '180m'
console.log(hmh.sum('1h 2h') + '') // '3h'

Look the last console.log. By default, JavaScript uses toString() method when the + operator is used with strings =)

hmh.sub(value[, output])

Calculate the hours, subtracting time spaces.

value and output options are the same than hmh.sum() method. The difference is this method subtracts time spaces:

console.log(hmh.sub('1h 20m').toString()) // '40m'
console.log(hmh.sub('3h 10m 1h').toString()) // '1h 50m'

This method considers that the all time spaces should be subtracted:

console.log(hmh.sub('1h10m 10m').toString()) // 40m

The result 40m is becausea all time spaces are subtracted:

1h - 10m - 10m = 40m

If you want to subtract 10m by 1h10m, firstly you need to convert 1h10m in just one time space. In this case, convert 1h10m to minutes. You can do something like:

const minutes = hmh.sum('1h10m', 'minutes').toString()
console.log(hmh.sub([minutes, '10m']).toString()) // '1h'

Because now, 1h10m it's just 70m.

70m - 10m = 60m = 1h. Easy? =)

hmh.diff(firstValue, secondValue[, output])

Calculate the difference between two time spaces.

Something like: How many hours I have between 10h 15m am and 12h pm? The answer is pretty simple:

console.log(hmh.diff('10h 15m', '12h').toString()) // '1h 45m'

Tada! 🎉 😁

The output is the same than above methods ;)

hmh.div(value, divisor[, output])

Divide a time space by a number, passed in divisor parameter.

Think: you have 7h available to finish a job, and 4 days to use all this hours. How many hours can you spent per day?

console.log(hmh.div('7h', 4).toString()) // '1h 45m'

💃 💃

And about output? The same than above ones!




MIT © Fernando Daciuk