Quick, cool margin notes with jQuery
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Marginotes takes your jQuery selection and adds notes to the margin with the text provided in HTML attributes. If you don't want to use jQuery, there's also a version of marginotes without it.

Who's using it


Marginotes works by adding a desc attribute to an HTML element, which will be displayed as a tooltip:

<a href="https://www.gatesnotes.com/" desc="Original, right?">Bill Gates</a>



It works with links, as well as with <span> elements:

<span desc = "The rainiest place in Europe. Probably. Maybe.">Brión</span>



width: sets the tooltip's width. Default is 100px.

field: sets the html attribute to look for. Default is desc


Copyright (c) 2016 Francisco Dans

Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.md for more information.