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A simple CMS for blogging built with Tornado and MongoDB

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A simple CMS for blogging inspired by my beautiful wife and built with Tornado and MongoDB.


Core features

  • Responsive UI with Twitter-Bootstrap.

  • Customizable theming.

  • Text types for posting:
    • Text plain
    • HTML
    • Markdown
    • reStructuredText
    • BBCode
    • Textile
  • Posts sharing via Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Optional comments management via Disqus.

  • Supported localization:
    • English (en_US)
    • Spanish (es_ES)
    • French (fr_FR)
    • Chinese (zh_HK, zh_CN)
  • Support for Google Analytics and Gravatar.

  • Customizable search for publications using regular expressions or full text search.

TODO list

  • Motor!
  • More text types: txt2tags, etc.
  • Forms validation and escaping
  • Support for RSS with XML files and aggressive caching (No templates)
  • Support for multi-blogging
  • Support for third-party and customizable authentication (Google, Facebook and Twitter)
  • "Installation wizard"


I want to improve this project with your help... I will watch to all of your pull-requests!

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