A KeePass plugin to list your recent files directly on your systray icon
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A KeePass plugin to list your recent files directly on your systray icon

This plug-in will add the (exact) same "Open Recent" menu to your systray KeePass icon.

I believe this is a very useful plugin for people who use more than one KeePass databases on a daily basis (such as me).


As per KeePass's documentation, in order to install this plugin you should copy the TrayRecentFiles.plgx to your KeePass folder (usually %ProgramFiles% (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2).





When this plugin was developed, KeePass was in version 2.29. I have followed the KeePass' recomendations and provided this plugin as a PLGX in order to be able to early detect any future breaking changes.

Thank you

It was a great pleasure to develop this plugin, I had already used KeePass' API, and it was a charm to develop. Having access to KeePass' source code and having already some experience with WinForms made this development relatively easy.


This plugin is provided AS-IS. I tested it on my own machine, with some of the relevant KeePass' settings and it worked just fine, for my needs. The plugin's source code is available and any recommendation or change is more than welcome.