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Running Asteroid Shooting README

##ColonialOne login ssh

skulumani and GWU lastpass password

Scheduler commands

sbatch squeue -l sinfo

Copy a file from colonialone to the local compute

pscp C:\Users\skulumani\Desktop\fine_asteroid_1.mat

Send a file from SEAS computer to colonial one

pscp C:\Users\skulumani\Desktop\fine_asteroid_1.mat

Running the Code on local computer

run hpc_test.m

The number of angles is defined in asteroid_shooting.m - this defines the density of the reachability set (discretization)

Run on HPC

Make sure you have the compiled version of polyhedron_potential_mex_1024 Modify file names in Modify file name in asteroid_shooting.m for final mat file

MEX Function

Need to compile polyhedron_potential.m using MEX Use codegen to generate MEX function for polyhedron_potential.m Test function is given by polyhedron_potential_test.m Modify the number of faces using 'false' - full number of faces or 'true' - 1024 faces

Transfer examples

hpc_test.m/ - 4 constraint transfer hpc_test_4convert.m/ - Extra vertical weighting hpc_test_z.m/ - 5 constraint with the added z=0 constraint

asteroid_transfer_analysis.m - Plots the transfers using the saved mat files in ./results

Final transfer

The results in ./results/4constraint_transfer shows the results used in the paper for 2016 AAS

You can generate the the plots by running asteroid_transfer_analysis.m

This is also stored in the git repository by checking out the 2016AAS tag


Matlab code for 2016 AAS paper




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