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Matlab code for ACC paper

To regenerate the figures for publications

Configuration Error Function visualization:

run log_barrier.m to make the surface plots for the \Psi

Go to commit 21e53de0fb288911a5dd5306fddb1f8a9d6d5a8d to make sure the constants are setup properly

Attitude Stabilization without adaptive update law:

run coupled_control_driver.m and then run plot_outputs.m to generate the simulation plots used in both ACC/IJCAS submission

This is using commit 3c428392a28a19de57c34fbe98816d4e6024d7ff

Attitude Stabilization with adaptive update law:

run coupled_control_driver.m and then run plot_outputs.m or draw_cad to generate the plots. There's a flag in load_constants to create animations or a video

Go to commit c44b078d2ad42443ac2875aa09a726a987e7af12 to ensure the constants are setup properly

Time varying disturbance simulation

Go to commit 488f15b0ffab397877bb8aead46719811f5ea73b and run coupled_control_driver.m

This will generate a bunch of plots for the time varying disturbance case.

Constrained Attitude stabilization experiment:

Run Data_analysis.m to read 20150924_avoid3.txt to generate the experimental results

The repository holding the experimental data is located at

The commit is 2d4f9be86874f43b4166476fe01f73c216423682

This calls load_experiment_constants and plot_experiment_constants


Matlab code used for simulation and analysis in the 2016 ACC paper




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