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2016 ACC paper on constrained attitude control.

Work started at AFRL 2015 Space Scholars.

To regenerate the figures for publications

You need the matlab code located at:

Configuration Error Function visualization:

run log_barrier.m to make the surface plots for the \Psi

Go to commit a4e97e069d475b1760d61db2d46c1157281afe1c to make sure the constants are setup properly

Attitude Stabilization without adaptive update law:

run coupled_control_driver.m and then run plot_outputs.m to generate the simulation plots used in both ACC/IJCAS submission

This is also using commit a4e97e069d475b1760d61db2d46c1157281afe1c

Attitude Stabilization with adaptive update law:

run coupled_control_driver.m and then run plot_outputs.m or draw_cad to generate the plots. There's a flag in load_constants to create animations or a video

Go to commit 6f5604a9db17ee67b019dac6daa1807e5ed3c6d5 to ensure the constants are setup properly

Constrained Attitude stabilization experiment:

Run Data_analysis.m to read 20150924_avoid3.txt to generate the experimental results

The repository holding the experimental data is located at

The commit is 6f5604a9db17ee67b019dac6daa1807e5ed3c6d5

This calls load_experiment_constants and plot_experiment_constants


Creative Commons License
Geometric Adaptive Control of Attitude Dynamics on SO(3) with State Inequality Constraints by Shankar Kulumani, Christopher Poole, and Taeyoung Lee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


2016 ACC manuscript



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