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Compression tools benchmark

Personal interpretation

For highest compression ratio at cost of speed
For the fastest, but moderate results
For everything in the middle


13MB -- mix_pdf_jpg.tar
A mix of pdf & jpg documents (hard to compress)
41MB -- etc_files.tar
All files on my /etc filesystem
46MB -- journal.log
systemctl's journalct output
94MB -- robot.blend
Some uncompressed .blend file
80MB -- usr_bin_xstar.tar
Tarball of /usr/bin/x* filesystem



  • Each point is a compressed file
  • Same input file = same color
  • Same shape = same compressor (each point are linked with a line)
  • click on pictures for bigger & interactive version
default_compression.png max_compression.png decompression.png

Do it yourself

  • Install plotly for Python
  • Copy your archives or files to files
  • run ./run