E-Mail threading based on JWZ algorithm
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= jwz_threading

jwz_threading is a small ruby library which lets you order a list of E-Mails by conversation.
That is, grouping messages together in parent/child relationships based on which 
messages are replies to which others.

The library implements the JWZ E-Mail threading algorithm as described by Jamie Zawinski (http://www.jwz.org/doc/threading.html).

There is an IMAP extension Internet Draft available which decribes
the same here:

== Requirements
Ruby 1.8.* (not yet tested on Ruby 1.9.*)

Requires the following Ruby gems:
* TMail (http://tmail.rubyforge.org)

Only tested on OS X

== Documentation

The documentation is in RDoc format in the doc/rdoc subdirectory.

To generate new rdocs, type this:

    $ rake rdoc

== Install

- Using ruby gem

  Type this (You might needs super user privileges):

    $ gem install jwz_threading

  on Mac OS X:

    $ sudo gem install jwz_threading

  Documentation for gem can be found here: http://www.rubygems.org

- Using setup.rb

  Type this (You might needs super user privileges):

    $ ruby setup.rb

  If you want to install a program in to your home directory
  ($HOME), use following instead:

    $ ruby setup.rb all --prefix=$HOME

  Documentation for setup.rb can be round here:http://i.loveruby.net/en/projects/setup/doc/usage.html

== Status

This package is currently BETAS and therefore considered to be 
changed heavily in the near future. I very much appreciate suggestions 
and comments. 

== Tests

All tests can be found in /test directory. 

To run all tests, type this:
     $ rake test

To run a code coverage report, type:
     $ rake rcov

Documentation for rcov can be found here http://eigenclass.org/hiki/rcov

== RDocs

To generate up-to-date rdocs, type:

     $ rake rdoc

== Contact

* Author: Frederik Dietz
* Website: http://github.com/fdietz/jwz_threading
* E-Mail: fdietz@gmail.com 

== License

The MIT License (see MIT-LICENSE file)