Seven different DLL injection techniques in one single project.
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What is it

Single Visual Studio project implementing multiple DLL injection techniques (actually 7 different techniques) that work both for 32 and 64 bits. Each technique has its own source code file to make it easy way to read and understand.

The table below makes it easy to understand what's actually implemented and how to use it.

Method 32 bits 64 bits DLL to use
CreateRemoteThread() + + dllmain_32.dll / dllmain_64.dll
NtCreateThreadEx() + + dllmain_32.dll / dllmain_64.dll
QueueUserAPC() + + dllmain_32.dll / dllmain_64.dll
SetWindowsHookEx() + + dllpoc_32.dll / dllpoc_64.dll
RtlCreateUserThread() + + dllmain_32.dll / dllmain_64.dll
SetThreadContext() + + dllmain_32.dll / dllmain_64.dll
Reflective DLL + + rdll_32.dll / rdll_64.dll

How to use it

injectAllTheThings -
Usage: injectAllTheThings.exe -t <option> <process name> <full/path/to/dll>
  1     DLL injection via CreateRemoteThread()
  2     DLL injection via NtCreateThreadEx()
  3     DLL injection via QueueUserAPC()
  4     DLL injection via SetWindowsHookEx()
  5     DLL injection via RtlCreateUserThread()
  6     DLL injection via Code Cave SetThreadContext()
  7     Reflective DLL injection

Needless to say, to be on the safe side, always use injectAllTheThings_32.exe to inject into 32 bits processes or injectAllTheThings_64.exe to inject into 64 bits processes. Although, you can also use injectAllTheThings_64.exe to inject into 32 bits processes. And actually, I didn't implement it but I might have to give it a try later, you can go from WoW64 to 64 bits. Which is basically what Metasploit 'smart_migrate' does. Have a look here.

Compile for 32 and 64 bits, with our without debugging and have fun.

For more information visit:


This has been barely tested. Report any issues. Error handling is crap. Always pass the full path to the DLL.


Reflective DLL injection - Stephen Fewer