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MandelPy is a Mandelbrot visualization tool for Linux, Windows, and Mac based on Python3.
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MandelPy is a Mandelbrot visualization tool for Linux, Windows, and Mac based on Python3. It can be executed as a Jupyter Notebook or inside a Widget with the option to change the computational grid, the resolution, the number of iterations, the threshold, and the colour map. Generated Mandelbrot plots can be saved as png files if the corresponding option is selected.


MandelPy was initially written using Python3.6.2 but should work with older Python3 installations as well. In addition, the following Python libraries are required: numpy, matplotlib, and datetime for both the Jupyter Notebook and the Widget and tkinter for the Widget only.


Once you have downloaded the source code, unpack it and navigate into the MandelPy directory. You can find the user manual as a PDF and LaTeX source file in the directory UserManual. The Jupyter Notebook can be found in the JupyterNotebook directory and can be opened as a standard Jupyter Notebook file. The widget source code is in the GUI directory. To start the GUI, type ”python” into your terminal and a seperate window for the widget should pop up. You can set the input parameters in the right frame of the widget. The graphs will be displayed in the right frame. If you tick the save box, all generated plots will automatically be saved in the GUI directory.

How to get in Touch

For enquiries please get in touch via the contact form on my website or send me an email here.

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