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Linux on the STM32F769I Discovery board with Buildroot

The project is a set of patches and configuration files to build a bootloader and a Linux based system image with a minimal root file system for the great STM32F769I Discovery board.


Let's download, extract and patch Buildroot:

$ make bootstrap

Then build:

$ make build

After the build, the directory buildroot/output/images/ contains

  • U-Boot images u-boot-spl.bin and u-boot.bin
  • compressed Linux kernel with linked RAM filesystem zImage
  • device tree blob stm32f769-disco.dtb


Flash U-Boot:

$ make flash_bootloader

U-Boot is pre-configured to load a kernel file called /stm32f769/zImage and a DTB called /stm32f769/stm32f769-disco.dtb from the first partition of the micro SD card. If the user button (the blue one) is press when U-Boot starts, then those files are loaded over TFTP from a host with IP


  • 0.2

    • Buildroot 2018.02
    • GCC 7.3.0
    • U-Boot v2018.03
    • Linux 4.15.10
  • 0.1

    • Buildroot 2016.08.1
    • GCC 4.4.1 (external)
    • U-Boot from Emcraft
    • Linux 4.2 from Emcraft
    • Busybox
    • OpenOCD 0.10.0
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