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SBGNViz Collaborative Editor User Guide

The editor allows human curators and computer agents to work on the same pathway model, and communicate through text and images. On the server side, we have an application server that keeps the model, handles communication across clients, and performs operational transformation. Model visualization and editing are handled on the client side. The editor visualizes information about cellular processes and pathways in SBGN (Systems Biology Graphical Notation) format. It allows for automatic graph layout, editing and highlighting facilities.


Install dependencies on Debian/Ubuntu

Install node.js and mongodb servers first.


curl -sL | sudo -E bash - <br />
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs <br />


sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv EA312927 <br />
echo "deb trusty/mongodb-org/3.2 multiverse" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-3.2.list <br />
sudo apt-get update <br />
sudo apt-get install -y mongodb-org <br />

If mongo does not work:

sudo apt-get install upstart-sysv

Install dependencies on Mac

brew install node
brew install tcl-tk
brew install mongodb
brew install nodejs

Clone from github and install node modules
cd Sbgnviz-Collaborative-Editor
npm install
Running the server

node server

In order to open a client enter http://localhost:3000 in the address bar of your browser.

Computer Agent API

Computer agents are connected to the node.js http server via websockets ( An agent is initialized with a name (string) and a unique ID (string).

Constructor: Agent (string name, string id)

Public Attributes:

  • agentId: (string) A unique id
  • agentName: (string) Agent name
  • colorCode: A specific color to identify the agent operations. It should be a string in hsla format as: “hsla(H, S, L%, 1)”, where H (integer), S (float) and L (float) are hue, saturation and lightness values.
  • selectedNode: The node object on which the agent is performing operations. It has attributes such as position {x:< posX >,y:< posY >}, width, height, borderWidth, borderHeight, backgroundColor, sbgnLabel, sbgnStatesAndInfos = {clazz:< className >, state = {value:< stateValue >,variable:< stateVariable >}}.
  • selectedEdge: The edge object on which the agent is performing operations. It has attributes such as cardinality, lineColor and width.
  • opHistory: History of operations as an array of strings in the format: “UserName (date): Command”.
  • chatHistory: Chat history as an array of messages.
  • userList: List of connected user ids.

Private Attributes:

  • room: The document id that identifies the shared model. It is the string after http::3000/ in the server address.
  • socket: The web socket between the server and agent
  • pageDoc: The document that the shared model is stored.

Requests to send to the server:

reqName param
“agentSendImageRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >, img: < image file >,
fileName < name of image file >, tabIndex: < index or id of the tab to display image >, tabLabel:< Label of tab to be displayed >}
"agentSetLayoutPropertiesRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,name: < layout name >,
nodeRepulsion: < node repulsion value > ,
nodeOverlap:< node overlap percentage >,
idealEdgeLength:< ideal edge length value >,
edgeElasticity:< edge elasticity value >,
nestingFactor:< nesting factor value >,
gravity:< gravity value >,
numIter:< number of iterations >,
tile:< boolean value to tile disconnected >,
animate:< boolean value >,
randomize:< boolean value >}
"agentSetGeneralPropertiesRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >}
"agentSetGridPropertiesRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >}
“agentRunLayoutRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >}
“agentAddNodeRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,{{position: x: < position x >,
y: < position y >}, data:{
class: < sbgn class >}}
“agentAddEdgeRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >, {data:{source: < source node id >,
target: < target node id >,
class: < sbgn class >}}}
"agentSearchByLabelRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,label: < label to be highlighted>}
"agentDeleteElesRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,type: < "smart" or "simple" > elementIds: < element ids to delete simply >}
"agentUpdateVisibilityStatusRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,val:< "hide" or "show" or "showAll" >, elementIds:< array of element ids or null for showAll >
"agentUpdateHighlightStatusRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,val:< "neighbors" or "processes" or "remove">, elementIds:< array of element ids or null for remove >
"agentUpdateExpandCollapseStatusRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,val:< "expand" or "collapse" >, elementIds:
“agentChangeNodeAttributeRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,id: < node id >,
attStr: < node attribute name in the model >
attVal:< node attribute value >}
attStr takes the following values: “data”, “data.bbox”, “data.bbox.w”, “data.bbox.h”, “data.class”, “data.cloneMarker”, "data.font-family", "data.font-size", "data.font-weight", "data.font-style", "data.statesandinfos", "data.label", "data.labelsize", "data.parent", "data.ports", "data.border-width", "data.background-color", "data.background-opacity", "highlightColor, expandCollapseStatus", "highlightStatus", "visibilityStatus"
“agentChangeEdgeAttributeRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,id: < node id >,
attStr: < edge attribute name in the model >
attVal:< edge attribute value >}
attStr takes the following values: “data.source”, “”, “data.portsource”, “data.porttarget”, “data.class”, “data.line-color”, “data.width”, “data.cardinality”,“highlightColor”, "visibilityStatus", "highlightStatus" , "bendPoints"
“agentMoveNodeRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,id: < node id >, pos: {x:< new position x >, y: < new position y >}}
“agentAlignRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,nodeIds: < node ids to align >, horizontal:<" top", "bottom", "center", "none" >, vertical:< "top", "bottom", "center", "none" > , alignTo:< node id to align nodes with nodeIds >
“agentAddCompoundRequest” {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >,type: < compound type as “complex” or “compartment” >,
selectedNodeArr: < array of node ids >}
"agentActiveRoomsRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >}
"agentUndoRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >}
"agentRedoRequest" {room:< room >, userId:< agentId >}
"agentMessage" { room: < room >, userId: < agentId >, comment: < message string -- can be raw html>, targets: < user ids or * to include all users in the room >}
"agentMergeGraphRequest" { room: < room >, userId: < agentId >, graph: , type: < "sbgn" or "json" >, cyId: < tab id
"agentDisplaySbgnRequest" { room: < room >, userId: < agentId >, sbgn: < sbgn content >, cyId: < tab id or 0 if not specified > }
"agentAddProvenanceRequest" { room: < room >, userId: < agentId >, html:< html content >, cyId: < tab id or 0 if not specified >, title:< optional >, pc:< optional, Pathway Commons links > }
"agentRemoveBobRequest" { room:< room >, userId:< agentId > } , Disconnects Trips agent
"agentUpdateSampleSentencesRequest" { json: <json file for sample sentences. Sample format can be found at: /server/data/sampleSentences.json>room:< room >, userId:< agentId > }

In order to set up and run an agent:

agent = new Agent(agentName, agentId);
    var socket = agent.connectToServer(serverIp, function(){
        //callback operations

    agent.loadModel(function() {
                //callback operations

        socket.on('operation', function(data){
            //callback operations

        socket.on('message', function(data){
            //callback operations

        socket.on('userList', function(data){
            //callback operations

        socket.on('imageFile', function(data){
            //callback operations

        socket.on('processToIntegrate', function(data){
            //callback operations


An example web-based agent can be found in: Sbgnviz-Collaborative-Editor/agent-interaction/computerAgent.html

You can zoom and pan with the mouse wheel and left click + moving the mouse

Command History:

JSON array as:

    userName: //name of the user who gave the command
    name: //name of the command
    id: //id of the affected element
    param: //operation parameters
        x: //node position x
        y: //node position y
        class: //node or edge sbgnclass
        source: //edge source
        target: //edge target
    date: //date of the command

History Manager

Each command is stored in the model as a part of command history. Command structure is as follows:

  • opName: set | add | delete | init
  • opTarget: node | edge | node group | edge group
  • opAttr: id| position | sbgnclass | sbgnlabel | width | height | backgroundColor | borderColor | borderWidth | parent | isCloneMarker | isMultimer | sbgnStatesAndInfos| source| target |lineColor | lineWidth| sbgncardinality
  • elId: id of the node or edge | id array of the node or edge group
  • elType: "node" or "edge"
  • param:
  • prevParam:

JSON Model Structure

  • users
    • name
  • page
    • list
    • room
    • doc
      • userIds
      • history
      • undoIndex
      • Images
      • Context
        • name
        • relevance
        • confidence
      • cy //sbgn-related
        • layoutProperties

        • nodes

          • [nodeId]
            • addedLater //to sync. node addition
            • visibilityStatus
            • highlightStatus
            • expandCollapseStatus
            • highlightColor
            • position
            • data
              • id
              • class
              • label
              • bbox
                • w
                • h
              • border-color
              • border-width
              • background-color
              • background-opacity
              • font-color
              • font-weight
              • font-style
              • font-size
              • cloneMarker
              • parent
              • ports
              • statesAndInfos
        • edges

          • [edgeId]
            • id
            • addedLater //to sync. edge addition
            • highlightStatus
            • visibilityStatus
            • expandCollapseStatus
            • highlightColor
            • bendPoints
            • data
              • class
              • source
              • target
              • portsource
              • porttarget
              • line-color
              • width
              • bendPointPositions
              • cardinality
      • py // pysb-related
      • //biopax-related