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A utility to automatically download enclosures and other objects linked to from various types of RSS feeds. Works well on podcasts, videocasts, and torrents. Cloned from
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Latest commit cb216ae Oct 20, 2011 Joe Fleming initial commit of 0.4.2 code


Note that as of 0.3.5 the default working directory is $HOME/.rssdler 
and the default config file is $HOME/.rssdler/config.txt

To continue using rssdler under the old scheme:
    copy to your usual place
    run it as normal
    use -c ./path/to/config.txt if you have a non-default config location

To install rssdler as a generally availble module and program in your path:
    As administrator (sudo/root) run: python install
    'rssdler' should now be in your $PATH (or '' on Windows)
    allowing you to run it from anywhere as 'rssdler' with the desired options is available for use as a collection of potential postDownload
and postScan functions. Copy it to $HOME/.rssdler or the working directory you
specify in your configuration file, and edit to suit your needs. is available for use as a system startup script, designed with
Debian based systems (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.) in mind. Open the
file and read the instructions at the top to configure and install
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