A Modern, Clean, Rearchitected PlugY Core for 1.13d.
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Alpaca 2.0.1 [1.13d]

By Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss)
Released on Sunday, October 21, 2018


Alpaca is an Infinite Stash Mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction that is based off Yohann Nicolas' PlugY 11.02. The main goal of Alpaca is to be a clean and maintainable core with no extra features. The Alpaca core has been significantly redesigned by providing a completely new module offset loader, drastically less code, and has been massively refactored. Changes to the Alpaca architecture will continue to improve over time as more code is refactored, removed, and re-architected. Another major change is that in order to provide an optimal gaming experience and improved maintainability, Alpaca only supports a single version of Diablo II. If people want to use Alpaca on a different version, they only need to focus on the particular version they want to support without having to worry about any sort of backwards or forward compatibility.

Alpaca IS compatible with my Cactus (Version Switcher). If you want to use Alpaca for your 1.13d install but also continue to play other mods, versions, etc, you can use my version switcher to easily do this. When using Alpaca with Cactus, Simply point your Cactus profile to the "Alpaca.exe" when launching. Cactus also automatically isolates your character save files and their stashes as well (Including the Alpaca Stashes).


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86, x64)


All code is licensed under the GPLv3+ since that was the license that Yohann released PlugY 11.02 under.


Core Features

  • Infinite Personal and Shared Stashes
  • Increased Stash Size [10x10]

Regular Commands

  • /save : Saves the character without having to Save and Exit.

Stash Management Commands

  • /rename <name> : Renames the current stash page. (If left blank, deletes the page name).
  • /set : Marks the current stash page with an index.
  • /unset : Removes the current stash page's index.
  • /setmain : Marks the current stash page as the main index.
  • /insert : Inserts a new page after the current page.
  • /delete : Deletes the current stash page if empty.
  • /page <page #> : Takes you to the corresponding page.
  • /swap <page #> : Swaps the content of the current page with the content of the target page.
  • /toggle <page #> : Swaps the content of the current page with the content of the target page in the opposing shared/personal stash.


Using shared stash in a LAN game when two of your characters are in the same game

This isn't a bug but it is a warning specifically related to if you are playing LAN with two of your own characters, you should avoid the use of the Shared Stash. This is because both of those characters are essentially seeing a copy of the shared stash at the point in time when they joined the LAN game. Since the stashes aren't automatically in-sync with each other, the last character to exit the game will be the stash that gets saved. Only use your personal stashes in LAN games if you don't want to lose any items.


Forwarding characters from previous versions of Diablo II (1.09b -> 1.13d)

If you get a "Unable to enter game. Bad generic file." when entering a game, it means that you were trying to forward either a character from a previous version of the game (Such as 1.09b), or a shared stash that was from a previous version, into this current version. This is not supported. Even if you forward the character with Vanilla D2 (and are able to play the char with Vanilla D2), the char will not open with this mod. Patches are welcomed if you really want to support this.